1. To reserve the boat you have to pay 100% at the time of the reservation through the website or by accrediting a payment document to

  3. On the day of departure, you will have to present an identification document to formalize the contract and you will have to arrive 30 minutes before the boarding time in order to leave on time. The delay in said formalization will not imply an increase in the time of use of the boat.

  5. Before boarding you will have to pay a deposit of €200.00, which will be refunded when you return the boat with all its accessories and in perfect condition. A&A MENORCA EN BARCA staff will verify the condition of the boat and accessories at the time of return.

  7. A&A MENORCA EN BARCA will provide you with the rental contract that you will have to sign, detailing the conditions described here and signing it implies acceptance of them.


  1. If due to external causes or damage it is not possible to deliver the boat, an equal or similar one would be delivered. If it were not possible either, we would refund the total amount paid up to that moment.

  3. The boat and accessories are delivered in perfect condition, a joint inventory will be made when the boat is handed over. The damage due to misuse or negligence will be borne by the client, and will be deducted from the deposit.

  5. The return will be made at the previously agreed time. The delay in arrival will entail an economic penalty. Exceeding the established schedule will be penalized at a rate of €75.00 per hour.


Your safety is very important to A&A MENORCA EN BARCA, which is why we provide you and indicate how to proceed for your peace of mind.

  1. At all times, there must be one person on the boat.
  2. It is forbidden to leave the boat or swim around it with its engine is running. For your safety and that of others, the engine must remain off at the time of swimming.
  3. Children must wear a life jacket at all times during the trip.
  4. Do not approach the shore of the beaches, you have to maintain a safe distance from them. If there are yellow buoys you must never pass them.
  5. Balance and distribute the weight on board, our team will teach you how to do it at the time of boarding.
  6. In the harbour and in the accesses to coves and beaches, you have to navigate slowly and carefully (Maximum 3 knots)
  7. You may only sail by day and the person responsible for the boat must be of legal age.
  8. The number of passengers on board can never exceed that indicated by A&A MENORCA EN BARCA.
  9. It is totally forbidden to anchor in areas of oceanic posidonia (the marine plant with long green leaves …). We recommend anchoring in sandy areas which are less than 5 mt. deep.
  10. It is forbidden to throw plastics, containers, oils, food scraps, etc. into the sea…
  11. Smoking is not allowed on the boat, nor is driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotic substances.
  12. When sailing, do not approach less than 50 meters from the coast, rocks emerge on the shoreline that could cause the boat to collide, with rocks. A&A MENORCA EN BARCA will indicate in detail where these dangers are.
  13. Keep your mobile phone on at all times, use Google Maps to locate yourself if necessary.
  14. Steer straight ahead if possible and do not make sudden changes in the course or speed.
  15. The towing of floating objects, boats, as well as the transport of goods and water skiing is prohibited.
  16. The contract assignment of the boat by the client is prohibited.


  1. In the event of theft of the boat, the client must immediately contact A&A MENORCA EN BARCA and file the corresponding complaint with the competent authorities.
  2. The boat is covered by an insurance policy, however, this does not cover the loss or damage of personal effects of the crew members.
  3. The client is responsible for any damage due to breach of the detailed conditions of use, as well as in case of infraction, fine or sanction.
  4. In case of breakdown of the boat during the excursion, immediately contact A&A MENORCA EN BARCA. The client will not make decisions in this regard unless the integrity of the crew is in danger.
    If the breakdown is caused by the client’s negligence, he would assume the costs of the same, otherwise, A&A MENORCA EN BARCA will assume the cost.
  5. If the client would like to file a claim, it will only be accepted at the time of the return of the boat and in writing.


  1. A&A MENORCA EN BARCA accepts changes and cancellations with prior written communication through, at least 48 hours in advance without penalty. The lack of communication of said term will entail the non-refund of 30% of the amount of the reservation paid.
  2. If on the day of departure the forecasts are not optimal to go sailing (clarify that it will only be possible to know on the day of embarkation and A&A MENORCA EN BARCA decides it based on the terms explained below), we would give you the option to postpone the departure and if it were not possible we would give you a coupon with one year validity. If none of the options mentioned were possible for this justified reason, the amount you had paid would be refunded by bank transfer to the account number you provided us with within 5 business days from the day of cancellation.
  3. How do we consider that the conditions are not optimal for navigation? Adverse weather conditions are those that prevent us from sailing in full safety conditions for our clients.

IF we consider adverse:
– Swell greater than 1 meter
– Wind greater than 20 knots
– Heavy rain for a period of more than 25% of the duration of the excursion
We do NOT consider adverse:
– That it is cloudy or there is little sun.
– That there is the possibility of light rain for a period of less than 25% of the duration of the excursion.